Manufacturing Process for Paper Tubes & Cores
Being a regular consumable item for a spinning mill, the process is generally considered very simple. However, tremendous technical skill is required in the making of paper tubes. Following is a summary of the process involved in the manufacturing of paper tubes.

» Punching
The first step involves punching of tubes and cones. The paper board is cut according to the size and conicity required by the customers.

» Grinding
Grinding of edges is done and then paste is applied on the paper cones.

» Winding
After grinding, winding is done at the spindles of the same conicity.

» Drying
After winding drying takes place in controlled temperatures.

» Velvetting
By the process of velvetting, rough finishing is given by a 152 mm emery belt.

» Cutting
After velveting, the base of paper cones is cut. Bottom cuts are given as per customers' request, in the form of V cut, U cut, Y cut & moon cut etc.

» Notching
A small v shaped indentation is made at the bottom of cones. This process is called notching.

» Weighing
The paper cones & tubes are weighed before dispatching. The weighing range of 2 to 3 gms is maintained at our plant.

» Sorting
After the weighing process is over, sorting of cones is undertaken. Non- conforming products are rejected at this stage.

» Pre-despatch Inspection
Before the final dispatch to customers is made, stringent inspection is carried out. At this stage 5% samples are tested in order to make ourselves very much confident of our quality.

» Packing
Paper cones/tubes are packed in varied sizes according to specifications provided by customer.

Q: What is Core?

A: A hollow cylindrical object that paper, film or labels are wound around to form a roll. They are made of thick sturdy cardboard or metal. The thickness of its walls will vary according to the type and amount of product that will be wound on it. The size of the core opening will depend on the requirements of the equipment it will be used on. 


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